Tiptoe Through the Tombstones

By Norman Robbins

Performances - The play runs from Wednesday 11th – Saturday 21st July 2018

Mortimer Crayle, a crusty old lawyer, and his secretary Zoe, have gathered the last remaining Tomb family members (an offbeat bunch) at Monument House, to inform them about their inheritance. But Crayle has designs on the inheritance which demand the death of all the Tombs.

As fog descends on the gloomy mansion, in the cobwebby corridors things are seldom what they seem.  With poison in every decanter and mysterious disappearances into secret passageways, host and guests alike join the increasing number of bodies in the cellar.

A glorious spoof, a worthy sequel to A Tomb with a View.

Auditions will be held at Sunday 4th March 7.30pm and Thursday 8th March at 7.30pm in the Priory Theatre Foyer, Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth.




EDNA HONEYWILL - (18 - 20)

ZOE MAPLETON - mid 30s





ATHENE TOMB - late 50s

LARRY LEWISS - mid 20s

FABIA TOMB - early 40s

 Please note all ages are a rough guide

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A Bunch of Amateurs

By Ian Hislop and Nick Newman

Performances -The play runs from Wednesday 5th – Saturday 15th September 2018


Keen to boost his flagging career, fading Hollywood action hero, Jefferson Steel arrives in England to play King Lear in Stratford – only to find that this is not the birthplace of the Bard, but a sleepy Suffolk village. And instead of Kenneth Branagh and Dame Judi Dench, the cast are a bunch of amateurs trying to save their theatre from developers. Jefferson’s monstrous ego, vanity and insecurity are tested to the limit by the enthusiastic am-dram thespians. As acting worlds collide and Jefferson’s career implodes, he discovers some truths about himself – along with his inner Lear!


Auditions will be held at Sunday 18th March 2pm and Thursday 22nd March at 7.30pm in the Priory Theatre Foyer, Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth.



Jefferson Steel - a fading Hollywood star who is arrogant, insecure, brash, gauche, demanding, vulnerable and ultimately aware of his own absurdity.

Dorothy Nettle – director of the Stratford players and the driving force behind keeping the theatre alive. Her sweet and accommodating manner conceals her inner steel.

Jessica Steel – Jefferson’s teenage daughter, who has been neglected by her Hollywood star father and now wants to make him pay for it.

Nigel Newbury – solicitor and leading light of the Stratford Players. Pompous, stuck up and self-regarding, he believes he is the star of the show, and should play all the leading roles. He also fancies his romantic chances with Dorothy.

Mary Plunkett – owner of the Rectory B&B. Jolly, generous and an unashamedly adoring Jefferson Steel fan – although somewhat confused about which roles he played, and how keen he is on her.

Denis Dobbins – handyman and village Mr Fixit. Avuncular though slightly dull, Denis is star struck by Jefferson and fancies heading up his entourage of one.

Lauren Bell – 30 something marketing executive former physiotherapist and the sponsor’s wife. Passionate about the arts and smarter than her husband allows her to be, she’s treated as a bimbo because of her looks.

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By Ronald Harwook

Performances - The play runs from Wednesday 24th October – Friday 2nd November 2018

Beecham House is a retirement home for opera singers. Lifelong friends Will
and Reggie, together with former colleague Cissy, are residents who all help
each year to stage a concert to celebrate Giuseppe Verdi's birthday. The
concert is to raise funds for their home. Into this situation comes new resident
Jean Horton, a former grandee dame of the opera world who has fallen on
hard times. She is also Reggie's ex-wife and the original fourth and most
celebrated member of their former quartet. Her arrival in the home is a
surprise to the other residents as plans proceed for the forthcoming concert.
As old grudges threaten to undermine past glories and theatrical
temperaments play havoc with the rehearsal schedule, it becomes apparent
that having four of the finest singers in English operatic history under one roof offers no guarantee that the show will go on.

Ronald Harwood's play is a wickedly comic story about redefining old age and
growing old with hope; demonstrating how art illuminate’s life and the human
spirit remains undimmed even as the brightest stars start to fade.
A celebration of the twilight years and the hilarity of growing old disgracefully!

Auditions will be held Sunday 8th April 2pm and Thursday 12th April 7:30pm


Jean Horton- diva with strong opinions, who would rather be elsewhere but
circumstances say differently. Not always the nicest of people, thinks her new home is a mad house.

Reggie Paget (Jean’s Ex-husband)- reserved and pleasant one moment but raging the next. Practical.

Will Bond- bit of a lad, funny, flirt with the opposite sex. Full of saucy jokes and innuendos. Looks after Cissy

Cissy Robson -dipsey, beginning to lose her faculties. Funny but enjoys her life in the house with her “family”.

All characters are of a “certain” age, matured by age and experience of life!

For further information please contact the director John Evans on

01926748305 / 07919103475


 The Theatre Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

The Theatre
Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

 Our Rehearsal Studio Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)

Our Rehearsal Studio
Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)