Performance Dates: 27th January – 3rd February 2018

Directed by Darren Scott

In 1972, a break-in was foiled at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. Within days a connection had been made with the White House and President Nixon’s closest aides. It unleased one of the greatest scandals in modern American politics and ended with Nixon’s humiliating resignation.

David Frost’s interviews with Richard Nixon drew the largest audience ever for a news interview. Could this British talk-show host, with no known political convictions and a playboy reputation, be the one to elicit an apology from the man who committed one of the biggest felonies in American political history?

It was premiered at the Donmar Warehouse in 2006, and was made into a film in 2008.

The characters are as follows. I am looking, where possible, to find actors who can look like their real-life counterparts and are of a similar age.  Convincing American accents are also a must.


DAVID FROST – British talk-show host, International jet-setter. Restless and Energetic; Early 30s.

RICHARD NIXON - 37th President of the United States from 1969 until 1974, when he resigned from office in light of the Watergate scandal,  the only U.S. president to do so; Early 60s.

JIM RESTON – American Author and Journalist, who was part of Frost’s team. The character acts as the Narrator in this story; Early 30s

JACK BRENNAN - US Marine Corps officer and Nixon's post-resignation chief of staff. Fiercely loyal to the President; Early 40s

BOB ZELNICK – American Journalist and another of Frost’s research team; Early 40s

JOHN BIRT – Would become Director-General of the BBC, but at the time of the scandal was a young TV producer for LWT, and was persuaded by Frost to produce the interviews; Early 30s

CAROLINE CUSHING – British Socialite and Frost’s girlfriend at the time of these events; Early 30s.

There are several other characters who will be played by a small company of actors, including
MANOLO SANCHEZ (The President’s personal valet) and SWIFTY LAZAR (the famous agent to the stars).

Audition Dates:

July 2nd and July 9th Both at 2:30pm, In the Theatre Rehearsal Studio (just down the road from the main theatre)

Scripts available at the Theatre or from the Director, who can be contacted via email for more details.

Actors Needed

We are looking for two actors required to complete our cast for this Septembers production of Rumours by Neil Simon, Directed by Chris Sharp

Production dates are from 6th to 16th of September.

GLENN COOPER  -  30s / 40s.  An aspiring politician and Dinner Guest at the ill feted party.

INSPECTOR CONCKLIN  - 30s/ 50s.   The farce that ensues during the party Is the reason Inspector Concklin turns up.  A man not easily fooled!

Rumours if a very funny farce and should be great fun to rehearse.

If you are interested in reading the Script or would like more information please contact

Snow White

The show dates are 13th – 31st December 2017

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

When the Magic Mirror declares Snow White to be the fairest of all in the kingdom of Entertania, the Wicked Queen flies in to a jealous rage and hatches a plan to take Snow White into the forest and ensure she never returns. Fortunately, the woodland animals take care of Snow White and take her to the shelter of a little old cottage, deep in the forest, where she makes seven brand new friends...

Will Dame Dolly Mixture, Jingles the Jester and Prince Fredrick be able to rescue Snow White and help to defeat the Wicked Queen?

All will be revealed in this fabulous new Priory panto, with spectacular sets and costumes, fabulous songs and dances - and bags of slapstick fun!


  • Snow White – The pretty young Princess
  • Wicked Queen –  The evil Queen, Snow White’s stepmother. A glamorous baddie with evil intent.
  • Dame Dolly Mixture – The typical pantomime dame character
  • Jingles the Jester – The juvenile boy, comical character and friend of Snow White.
  • Prince Fredrick – The Charismatic and dashing Prince
  • The seven Dwarfs – Played by junior cast members

Audition Dates:

4th June – Chorus Auditions

If you’re coming to the Snow White chorus audition on 4th June, please take a moment to print out the Audition form below, fill it in and bring with you on the day.

Chorus Audition Form

Don’t worry if you don’t have printer, we will have copies to fill in on the day if required.

25th June – Principal Auditions

Both at 2:30pm, In the Theatre Rehearsal Studio (just down the road from the main theatre)

Please contact Mike Brooks for more information

The Theatre Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

The Theatre
Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

Our Rehearsal Studio Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)

Our Rehearsal Studio
Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)