Rumours Auditions


The play runs from Wednesday 6th – Saturday 16th Sept 2017

When four couples gather for an anniversary party at the home of Charley Brock and his wife, Vivian, it isn’t long before the guests realize that their hosts don’t seem to be in evidence, and something odd is up. A crazy comedy of errors ensues as the guests try to put the pieces together using snippets of rumours that have been circulating about Charley, Vivian and the extramarital affairs they may or may not be conducting

Cast : Four Couples - Age range late 20s to 40s

Male policeman - Age 30s to 50s

If you are interested in reading a script or would like further information please contact the director, Chris Sharp at or 01564 782519

Edith in the Dark Auditions


Production Dates   Monday October 23rd – Saturday October 29th 2017

Celebrated children’s author Edith Nesbit (The Railway Children, Five Children & It) retreats to her attic writing room during one of her husband’s tiresome parties with her housekeeper and an unexpected, handsome party guest.

As midnight swiftly approaches, Edith gives a reading of her work. Not one of her cherished children’s tales, but her terrifying early horror stories.

As the stories unfold it becomes clear all is not what it seems…Someone in the attic is hiding a deadly secret.
Edith in the Dark is a haunting glimpse into the nightmarish inner world of an author whose reputation for cosy childhood innocence is only half the story.


EDITH NESBIT – In her forties, Edith is astute and brilliant but unhappy. She’s quick witted and has an eye for a younger man. She’s a very modern woman for the era in which she lives. But almost everything she does is a diversion from her own personal heartbreak and secrets.

MR. GUASTO – Tall, strident and handsome. He arrives uninvited but when he helps Edith with an ailing guest gets more than he bargained for. He’s a huge fan of Edith’s work, but since he has a terrible fear of the grave, is not expecting the night that lies ahead of him.

BIDDY THRICEFOLD – Biddy is a terrible housekeeper and rather too fond of her own home-made spiced punch. She loves Edith and despite the banter the feeling is mutual. The character supplies a lot of the humour in the early part of the play but has a terrible secret of her own that she finally finds a way to share.
All three actors also play the multiple roles featured in the stories within the play regardless of gender or age. The ability to adopt different accents and characteristics is essential.

Please contact Karen Shayler for more

Snow White

 The show dates are 13th – 31st December 2017

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

When the Magic Mirror declares Snow White to be the fairest of all in the kingdom of Entertania, the Wicked Queen flies in to a jealous rage and hatches a plan to take Snow White into the forest and ensure she never returns. Fortunately, the woodland animals take care of Snow White and take her to the shelter of a little old cottage, deep in the forest, where she makes seven brand new friends...

Will Dame Dolly Mixture, Jingles the Jester and Prince Fredrick be able to rescue Snow White and help to defeat the Wicked Queen?

All will be revealed in this fabulous new Priory panto, with spectacular sets and costumes, fabulous songs and dances - and bags of slapstick fun!


  • Snow White – The pretty young Princess
  • Wicked Queen –  The evil Queen, Snow White’s stepmother. A glamorous baddie with evil intent.
  • Dame Dolly Mixture – The typical pantomime dame character
  • Jingles the Jester – The juvenile boy, comical character and friend of Snow White.
  • Prince Fredrick – The Charismatic and dashing Prince
  • The seven Dwarfs – Played by junior cast members

Audition Dates

4th June – Chorus Auditions

25th June – Principal Auditions

Both at 2:30pm, In the Theatre Rehearsal Studio (just down the road from the main theatre)

Please contact Mike Brooks for more information

The Theatre Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

The Theatre
Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

Our Rehearsal Studio Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)

Our Rehearsal Studio
Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)