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Details of our forthcoming productions can be found below. A PDF version of our Season Brochure is also available.

  • The Ladykillers - November 2014

    Wednesday 05 - Saturday 15 November 2014
    A sweet little old lady, alone in her house, is pitted against a gang of criminal misfits who will stop at nothing. With only her parrot, General Gordon, to help her, Mrs Wilberforce is alone with five desperate men - but who will be forced to face the music? A play both macabre and hilariously funny, this is definitely not one to be missed!

  • Mother Goose - Dec 2014

    Wednesday 17 December 2014 - Sunday 04 January 2015
    This year's Priory Pantomime is the timeless tale of Mother Goose. The simple story of poor Mother Goose who dreams of being rich and beautiful. When her goose starts laying golden eggs, dreams start becoming reality but not necessarily in a good way! Fear not, however, a happy ending is guaranteed in true panto style!

  • Yes, Prime Minister - Feb 2015

    Wednesday 11 - Saturday 21 February 2015
    The UK is in crisis: debt is spiralling, unemployment is on the rise and the fragile coalition cabinet, led by Prime Minister Jim Hacker, is at breaking point. But help is at hand in the form of a complex pipeline deal with the oil-rich country of Kumranistan that would entitle the government to a multi-trillion pound loan! Political machinations, media manipulations and an appeal for divine intervention ensue!

  • Previous Productions

    List of, and information about, our previous productions spanning back to our first performance in 1932.